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We make every effort to ensure that our instructions are correct before publication. Mistakes do happen, however, and here we will post corrections as soon as we become aware of them. 


Benedict the Chimpanzee - Muzzle (p.58): Rnd 3 (dc2, dc2 into next st) 6 times (24 sts)

Caitlin the Giraffe - Body (p.84): Rnd 21 (dc3, dc2tog) 6 times (24)

Esme the Fox (p.86): Rnd 14 Dc3, dc2tog DARK, (dc3, dc2tog) twice LIGHT, (dc5, dc2tog) 3 times DARK (30 sts)




Paddling Leg (p.17): Rnds 28-32 dc (5 rnds)


Doctor Bird - Wings (bonus) Begin in Black and work pattern up to and including Rnd 17. Change to Green, and work Rnd 18 onwards in green


Celine the Dove (p.24)

Beak: Rnd 6 (dc2tog) 3 times (3)

Tail - part one: Rnds 5-12 dc (8 rnds)

Tail - part two: Rnds 4-9 dc (6 rnds)


Sophia the Flamingo - Beak (p.44): Rnds 1-4 dc (4 rnds)

Kevin the Cassowary - Beak (p.64): Rnds 6-8 dc (3 rnds)

Abraham the Bald Eagle - Tail (p.68): Split into three 8 st rnds and work per pattern.


Kit the Rooster - Beak (p.70)

Rnd 5 dc

Rnd 6 (dc2, dc2tog) twice (6)

Rnd 7 (dc1, dc2tog) twice (4)

Rnd 8 dc


Margot the Swan - Tail (p.72)

On the 8 st rnds work as follows:

Rnds 1-2 dc (2 rnds)

Rnd 3 (dc2tog) 4 times (4)


Scott the Woodpecker (p.78): Tail is worked entirely in black.


Robin the Robin (p.84)

Rnd 19 dc5 orange, dc10 cream, dc15 orange

Rnd 20 dc3, dc2tog orange, (dc3, dc2tog) twice cream, (dc3, dc2tog) 3 times orange

Rnd 21 dc5 orange, dc7 stone, dc12 orange

Next dc6 in orange. Move st marker to this point and RESET.


Gareth the Puffin (p.86): Rnds 30-31 dc29 cream, dc11 black (2 rnds)

Rohit the Peacock - Leg Digits (p.88): Rnd 9 (dc2tog) twice (2)


Caesar the Emperor Penguin (p.90)

Body: Rnd 24 dc5 black, dc5 yellow

Head: Rnd 26 (dc3, dc2 into next st) twice, dc3, dc2 into next st Yellow, dc3, dc2 into next st, dc2 Black, dc1, dc2 into next st Yellow (25) 


Enid the Long-Eared Owl (p.92): Work body in the following colour pattern: 1 round of 4 st stone, 2 st chestnut, 2nd round stone. 


Jack the Macaw (p.94)

Rnd 38 (dc2tog) 9 times (9)

Rnd 39 (dc1, dc2tog) 3 times (6)

Tail: Rnd 3 (dc1, dc2 into next st) 8 times (24)


Ben the Kingfisher - Legs (p.98): Complete as digits on perching leg.

Anik the Snowy Owl (p.100): Work body in the following colour pattern: 1 round of 4 st cream, 2 st charcoal, 2nd round cream. 


Gilbert the Pheasant (p.102)

Rnd 38 (dc2tog) 9 times (9)

Rnd 39 (dc1, dc2tog) 3 times (6)

Tail: Rnds 1-6 dc (6 rnds)


Jorge the Jay - Tail (p.106): Rnds 1-6 dc (6 rnds)



Diagonal Lace Beanie (p.19): Rounds 1-6 *K1, P1* repeat to end

Lace Leaf Scarf (p.29): Row 4 K2, *yf, ssk, yf, sl2, K1, PSSO, yf, K2tog, yf, K3, repeat from * to last 9 sts, yf, ssk, yf, sl2, K1, PSSO, yf, K2tog, yf, K2



Alexandra Blanket (p.12): You will need a 4mm crochet hook.

Colour Block Cape (p.14)

Rows 376 - 410 Repeat Rows 28-29 (34 rows)

Rows 411 - 437 Knit


Rooney the Border Terrier (pp. 30-31) Please work in Charcoal for the ears and Stone for the legs.

Summer Top (pp. 14-16)

PATTERN REPEAT Round 2: To clarify, 'miss a st' refers to a tr1 stitch

Baby Breton Top (pp. 22-24) 

Row 1: K16 (20,24), cast off 11 (11, 9), K15 (19, 23)



Lace Back Sweater (pp. 12-14)

YOU WILL NEED: 500g (SML), 600g (MED), 700g (LRG) TOFT ARAN yarn